Cat approaches a 650 pound grizzly bear, now watch how they walk and eat together.

Tabby the cat was abandoned and left to his own devices at a very young age. He hunts through the woods for a dear friend. Unexpectedly, a six hundred and fifty pound grizzly bear happily fills the role. Griz, as the bear is called, was orphaned at a very young age when a freight train killed his mother, leaving the cub alone.

The bear and the cat walk together and play together, the cat scurrying in the bears big footsteps. They sniff at each other gently, and the cat even bats at the bear – not a small feat, considering the bear is easily twice his size! The bear even grooms the cat, gently dragging Tabby closer with his teeth to get a better angle and properly lick at the cat’s head.

Somehow, none of the factors that separated Griz and Tabby can really actually separate them. Size, species, behavior – none of that matters to the pair, who are happy-go-lucky pals that enjoy spending every day together. They eat together, much to the amazement of their caretakers. Their bond is incredibly strong, considering that grizzly bears could easily eat a cat.

Griz and Tabby have the rest of their lives together to look forward to. They eat together, nap together, and play together, all on the acres of the Wildlife Images Sanctuary, their home. You can even go and see the pair by visiting the sanctuary with a reservation for a tour!

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Take a look at this beautiful friendship.

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