7 Years After Saving Lioness Their Eyes Meet Again, Ignoring All Warnings He Comes Too Close.

We’ve all no doubt seen some amazing footage of wild animals over the years, but not much can surely rival this GoPro footage of two lionesses which is currently storming the internet.

Kevin Richardson rescued two lioness cubs by the names of Meg and Amy a number of years ago. He goes on to say that they would have certainly died if he didn’t intervene and ever since then they have developed a remarkably strong bond.

“Meg and Amy are kind of my soulmates, they’re kind of like humans – you can meet many many people in your life, but there’s very few that you connect wholeheartedly with” said Kevin.

This amazing footage show’s Amy and Meg being taken back into the wild and behaving instinctively to hunt animals, although never being tought this as cubs.

The amazing moment comes at 3:18 when one of the lioness jumps into the water straight into Kevin’s arms, it really is something quite special.

The video was released in honour of Cecil the lion who was killed by poachers back in 2015 and if it wasn’t for Kevin, Amy and Meg would probably have suffered the same fate.

You can watch the amazing video below and if you enjoyed it please share it with your friends and family.

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