Poor Dog Loses A Dog Fight, Brutal Owners Cut Off Its Ears As Punishment!

Two men were reportedly arrested after cutting a dog’s ears.

Photographs of the two men, identified as Hasan Kuzu and Neset Yaman, standing next to a dog whose ears have just been cut off have been circulating online. The photos instantly sparked anger among netizens which led to a petition to punish them.

Details behind the photos are unclear, but reports indicate the two men may have been involved in a dog fight.

Apparently, the pair punished the dog by cutting the dog’s ears off with a sharp knife after losing a fight.

Proud of their brutality, they pose for photos, each with a piece of the dog’s ear in their hands.
A video which has been taken down shows the poor dog screaming in pain.


After a petition to get justice for the dog, authorities have since busted up the animal fighting ring, which led to a number of dogs and roosters being seized.

The two men have been arrested and fined roughly $1,150 for their crimes. Unfortunately, the poor earless canine is nowhere to be found. It is believed that the incident happened in the municipality of Isparta, Turkey.

One thought on “Poor Dog Loses A Dog Fight, Brutal Owners Cut Off Its Ears As Punishment!

  1. I hhope that dog didn’t die .he needs his hearing fthey nee to hear hings cars and oher things and pain and non infection.hose people need o stay locjed up!

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