She’s Been Dead For 500 Years, But What They Find Inside Her? I’m SPEECHLESS

A perfectly preserved body of a 15-year-old, Incan girl was found in an Argentinian volcano in 1999. She is known as “The Maiden” and is believed to have died about 500 years ago. It is thought that this young girl was chosen by the Inca people as a sacrifice. These ancient people would feed the children coca leaves on the journey to the top of a mountain.

Then they would have them drink an intoxicating beverage at the burial site. Once the children were intoxicated, they would be left to freeze to death, or the Inca priests would kill them. Scientists recently found “The Maiden” had coca lumps in between her teeth, which suggests she was sedated when she died. The young girl also had a bacterial infection that is similar to tuberculosis.

Take a look at this video

It is hoped that the discovery of this bacteria can help fight re-emerging or new illnesses! Share away, people.


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