Dead Anaconda Dissected, What They Found Inside Its Huge Belly Surprised Them!

A few days ago, the unusual story of a python dying after eating a huge porcupine made rounds on the interwebs. The photos have been heavily shared on social media by those who found it interesting. Besides, it’s not everyday that we see these “wise and dangerous” pythons suddenly being stupid enough to try and consume an animal that’s obviously lethal.

Well here goes another odd story about an unfortunate serpent.

In this video, you will see a huge but lifeless anaconda. Looking closer, you will instantly notice that it has a large belly which obviously implies that the serpent just had a full meal. Eventually, those who found the anaconda dissected it to find out what it has eaten.

Watch and see for yourself here:

To their shock and surprise, they discovered that the anaconda has actually eaten another snake!

More than that, what makes this really strange is that the snake inside the belly was actually almost as huge as the anaconda itself. Talk about cannibalism!

It’s really unusual that this serpent took on a fellow serpent for his meal. It’s like having a snack but putting your life at risk at the same time.


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