This Marine Gave Everything For His Country. He Deserves Our Respect.

Retired Marine Cpl. Kyle Carpenter thought he was dead. He thought the enemy grenade had killed him. But he was still breathing.

“My body was torn apart by an enemy hand grenade … upon arriving at Camp Bastion, I was labelled P.E.A. — patient expired on arrival. I flat-lined at Walter Reed,” Carpenter says, narrating the short video. “The enemy killed me. I came back.”

Have you ever heard the expression, jumping on a grenade for someone? Well–that was exactly what Kyle did. Carpenter jumped on top of a grenade on an Afghan rooftop in 2010 in order to save the life of a fellow Marine. Both were wounded, but survived. Carpenter lost his right eye and sustained many other serious injuries to his face.

Today, he is optimistic and continues to be proud of his service. “I’m still here and kicking and, you know, I have all my limbs so you’ll never hear me complain,” he said


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