Bank Kicks Out 92-Year-Old Man & Calls Police. Then Police Officer Escorts Him Back In.

An officer in Montebello, California went above and beyond the call of duty when he helped an elderly man obtain a new ID.

But it wasn’t any ordinary circumstances that led Officer Josett to help this man.
The officer was responding to a call from Bank of America, who had refused to give the elderly man his money, due to his expired ID. The man reportedly made a scene, compelling the bank to phone the police

However, when Officer Robert Josett arrived and learned what had occurred, he didn’t arrest the 92-year-old man nor force him to leave. Instead, he took the man to the DMV and helped him get a new ID card.

As Montebello Police Department said, you can’t fault the bank for enforcing their policies.  But you certainly can praise Officer Josett for doing the uncommonly kind thing in response to the situation.

When all was said and done at the DMV, the man was taken back to the bank, at which point he was allowed to withdraw his money. He thanked the officer for his help before going on his way. The officer’s actions were celebrated  by the Montebello Police Department as well as by several people who commented on their post about it on Facebook.

“Always great to read stories of kindness by Law Enforcement Agents”, said Facebook user Joe Adame. Many others echoed this sentiment. To be sure, Officer Josett’s actions are commendable. In this case, he truly lives up to the oath, “to serve and protect”.

One person remarked how miraculous it was for the officer to get the man in and out of the DMV and back to the bank before it closed!

For more on this heartwarming story of the kindly officer and the elderly man, watch the video below:


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