This Man Raped His Girlfriend’s Baby Until She Died. Now People Want Him To Be Publicly Hanged For It

After a man sexually assaulted his girlfriend’s 9-month-old baby until she died, strangers from all over the country have started a petition to have him hanged.

According to WCHS, 32-year-old Benjamin Taylor was found Monday morning in the basement of an apartment he shared with his girlfriend, the baby’s mother.

Amanda Adkins told police she woke up and realized her daughter, Emmaleigh, was missing from her crib.

According to Fox 43, after searching around the apartment, Adkins finally found Emmaleigh unconscious and bleeding in the basement of their complex.

Authorities say Taylor abused and raped the baby girl so viciously that she was already brain dead by the time paramedics arrived.

According to West Virginia Metro News, Emmaleigh’s family ultimately had to make the heartbreaking decision to take their baby girl off life support.

She passed away from her injuries immediately.

Since news of the horrific story broke, Taylor’s Facebook page has been flooded with hateful posts and comments from disgusted people all over the world.

On Tuesday, a petition was started for the public hanging of Taylor, even though the death penalty has already been outlawed in West Virginia.

The description on the petition reads:

On Oct 4, 2016, it was reported that Benjamin Taylor, of Cottageville Wv, sexually assaulted a 9 month old baby girl. As of the time of this petitions creation, the baby was pronounced brain dead as a result. Prison is too good for child rapists and their ilk. I would move to say that our “justice system” is even a part of the problem, in that incarceration is hardly justice when it comes to such an awful act. Maybe if these people were actually afraid of what would happen to them if/when they were caught, they’d be less likely to do such vile things? When it’s an open and shut case such as this, let us hang these creatures publicly. Let us make examples of them, and allow the American people to attend these hangings so that the accused may be ridiculed, as they should be.

As of Thursday morning, the petition has been signed by nearly 2,500 people.


3 thoughts on “This Man Raped His Girlfriend’s Baby Until She Died. Now People Want Him To Be Publicly Hanged For It

  1. To me rapists and pedophilea is the worst in Arizona they get so much wxtra care its sick I hope they do hang this sick bastard that is beyond concievable to do that to anyone let alone a precious 9 month old baby .. Why waste taxpayer money housing a sick p.o.s like this .. Hang him high for all to see make others fear punishment again.

  2. On the contrary! Put him in with the general population at a maximum security prison. Let him feel what that baby felt. He won’t last long. Hanging is too good for him.

  3. Absolutely HANG HIM . Oh , not as a deterrent. It is chiselled in stone that the death penalty deters no one from any act. No, as the brilliant Ron White said of his state , TX ( and yes, I’d be DAMNED sight happier if they didn’t screw the ultimate penalty up so often ) ..” If you kill someone , we will kill you BACK ” . I want this subhuman bag of maggots’ HEAD for his killing a baby. Just that .

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